NdotCAD Plan (Desktop ver.)

Start NdotCAD for free!
For commercial or educational purpose, please contact us.
(NdotCAD for Web requires no plans during the beta test)


The perfect plan for starters.
Some of features are limited.


The perfect plan for starters.
Some of features are limited.


Individual creators using
for commercial purposes

※ If you are purchasing a plan as a school or organisation, please contact us and we will help you with more information.


Do I need to have a plan to use NdotCAD for Web?
During the beta test, anyone can use up to 500MB storage, regardless of the NdotCad plan in use.

NOTICE) Since this is a test version, some crashes or data loss can occur. Also, You may be requested to download your files to preserve the project you worked on.
We will announce a notice at that point.

How long is the plan service period?
If you run NdotCAD after purchasing plan, the plan is automatically activated. Payment terms are monthly or annual. When plan expires it automatically switches to the basic plan.

I want to request a refund for my plan. What should I do?
If you have not run NdotCAD, you can get a refund within 20 business days. After the plan is activated, there is no refund or compensation for the remaining period of use. If you wish to request an NdotCAD refund, please send a refund request to contact@ndotcad.com with your purchaser ID and purchase information attached. If the refund request is approved within 5-7 business days, the refund will be processed within an additional 3-5 business days via the payment method used to purchase the plan.

Do you have plan suitable for bulk purchases of 100 or more?
NdotCAD provides custom plans for educational institutions and enterprises. For bulk purchases, please contact us via the inquiry page on the website and we will help.