Starting with NdotCAD
3D Modeling Basics

STL editing & modeling
3D printer syllabus included
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Learn how to use NdotCAD and basic knowledge for 3D printing. This is a free syllabus that anyone can use.




01NdotCAD basic tutorialndotcadndotcad
023D Modeling Practice: DIY Mobile Phone Standndotcadndotcad
033D Modeling Practice: Making toppers using templatesndotcadndotcad
04STL File Editing Practice: Openersndotcadndotcad
05STL File Editing Practice: Character flowerpotndotcadndotcad
06(Appendix) Concept of 3D Modelingndotcadndotcad
07(Appendix) 3D printing practice: slicing programndotcadndotcad
08(Appendix) Learn about Open Source: Understanding and Utilization of Open Sourcendotcadndotcad