NdotCAD Terms and Conditions (Version 1.0)

These Terms of Service define the relationship between NdotLight Co., Ltd. (hereinafter 'NdotLight' or 'Company'), which provides NdotCAD services, and NdotCAD service members (hereinafter 'Members') or non-members, who use such services, with regard to the use of various NdotCAD services, and contain useful information which may help you use NdotCAD services.

When you use NdotCAD services or sign up as a member of NdotCAD services, you are deemed to agree to be bound by these Terms of Service and additional relevant operating policies. Please take a moment to read these Terms of Service carefully.

If you sign up as a member, you can use NdotCAD services more conveniently.
You may sign up to be a Member after reading and providing your consent to these NdotCAD Terms of Service. NdotCAD completes the registration process by providing its approval and provides a NdotCAD Service user account ('Account'). An account is a member authentication unit set up to manage history of each user’s usage of various Services once the Member logs in to NdotCAD Services. Members may use their accounts to enjoy various NdotDAD Services in a more convenient way. For more information, please refer to the account operation policy and the NdotCAD member registration method within the Customer Center.

Meanwhile, in order to duly provide the posts that you have posted through NdotCAD services, NdotCAD needs to have the right to store, reproduce, modify, publicly transmit, display, distribute and create derivative works (only limited to translation) of such contents (license without any restriction on term or territory and royalty free).
By posting your post, you are giving NdotCAD such rights, so you must have the necessary rights to do so.

Pursuant to applicable laws such as the Copyright Act, NdotCAD will exercise such license granted by you, to use your contents, only to the limited extent of exposing the contents within NdotCAD Services, utilizing them for promotion of Services, conducting research and development on service operation, improving and developing new services; complying with legal obligations such as web accessibility; allowing search, collection and links from other sites.

Moreover, valuable contents you provide may be used by NdotCAD and NdotCAD affiliates for research and development purposes, such as technology in the field of artificial intelligence, to improve NdotCAD services and provide new NdotCAD services. NdotCAD will do its best to provide more convenient and useful services to you through continuous research and development.

We safely protect your personal information.
NdotCAD collects and uses Members’ personal information only within the purpose and scope agreed by the Member for the smooth provision of services, and safely manages such personal information pursuant to applicable laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information. NdotCAD’s efforts or other details related to safely processing relevant personal information of users and Members can be found in the Privacy Policy.

If you do not have a login or access record for a certain period, NdotCAD may destroy or separately store your information after providing prior notice through e-mail, notification within the Services or other appropriate electronic means, and if there is insufficient information necessary to provide the Services as a result, NdotCAD may inevitably terminate the relevant Service Use Contract.

When you use others’ contents through NdotCAD Services, this does not mean that you have the intellectual property right over such contents. In order to freely use such contents, special caution is required as such use must be within the scope permitted by applicable laws such as the Copyright Act or you need separate permission from the person holding the intellectual property right to use such contents.

NdotCAD grants you the authority to use relevant software accompanying NdotCAD Services so that you can fully utilize NdotCAD Services. In this case, please note that you are free to use such software only to the extent that it complies with NdotCAD's Terms of Use, that such authority is non- transferable, and that non-exclusive terms and Legal Notification will apply.
You should not provide false information regarding your name, date of birth, mobile phone number, etc. when you sign up as a member. Please make sure that the information registered in your member account is accurate and up-to-date. You should not sell, transfer, lend or provide your account as security or allow others to use it. Also, you should not use another person’s account which does not belong to you without permission. For more information, please refer to account policy.

If we have to restrict your use of Services for unavoidable reasons, we will follow the above-mentioned step-by-step principle regarding restriction on use of Services unless matters that require urgent actions to prevent risks or damages are involved due to apparent violation of laws or infringement of another person’s rights. Please be mindful that all points and other benefits acquired through the use of Services will be extinguished and not separately be compensated. For conditions of restriction on the use of Services and other details, please refer to the account operation policy and operation policy under each individual Service.

NdotCAD will take responsibility for its own fault.
If you suffer from any damage while using NdotCAD Services due to willful misconduct or negligence of NdotCAD, NdotCAD will compensate your damages pursuant to applicable laws and regulations. However, NdotCAD will not be liable for any damages that were incurred because NdotCAD was unable to provide its Services due to any force majeure events or user was unable to use the Services due to his/her own willful misconduct or negligence.

Even in the case where NdotCAD is liable for damages, NdotCAD shall not be liable for special damages, indirect damages, or other punitive damages that are normally impossible to foresee or those that arise from special circumstances, unless there is a special provision in applicable laws.

Meanwhile, unless there are special circumstances, NdotCAD shall not be liable for damages incurred by exchange of opinions, transactions, etc. between you and other members or between you and non-members by the medium of NdotCAD services or damages incurred by depending on contents such as other person’s posts on the service.

You may terminate these NdotCAD Terms of Service at any time.
Although it is a pity for NdotCAD, members may apply for termination of these Terms of Service and withdraw from the plan at any time, and in such case, NdotCAD shall process such application pursuant to applicable laws without delay.

Upon termination of these Terms of Service, all data of Members including all posts related to the member’s account will be deleted and become irrecoverable unless applicable laws and the privacy policy allow NdotCAD to retain a certain user’s information.

Certain NdotCAD Services contain advertisements.
While using various NdotCAD Services, you may notice that some individual Services contain advertisements from time to time. You are responsible for any data telecommunications fees incurred while using NdotCAD Services pursuant to a data plan of a telecommunications service provider that you subscribe to, and you are also responsible for any additional fees incurred while viewing the advertisements contained in such Services.

In order to use the desired NdotCAD service, you may need to view unwanted advertisements. This contributes to making it possible to provide a variety of NdotCAD services provided to you free of charge in principle, and furthermore, it becomes the basis for NdotCAD to provide better services by investing in research and development. This is supported by recent practice in the services of some companies that emphasize the use of ad-free services and offer key services on paid plans.

NdotCAD will always consider and improve ways to minimize unintended inconvenience or burden.

NdotCAD will make sure to notify you of any suspension or modification of its Services.
While NdotCAD is trying its best to provide its Services in a stable manner, 24 hours a day, all year around, NdotCAD may have no other choice but to suspend all or part of the service if there are any significant operational issues such as maintenance, replacement or breakdown, disconnection of information and communication facilities such as computers or servers.

Meanwhile, NdotCAD may modify, change or terminate part or all of the Services if there is a significant need for operation or improvement of the Services. If all or part of the service provided free of charge is modified, changed, or terminated, no separate compensation will be made unless there is a special provision in the applicable laws and regulations.

In this case, if the event can be foreseen, NdotCAD shall provide prior notification before a considerable period of time, and if the event cannot be foreseen, NdotCAD shall provide a detailed explanation regarding the situation without delay. Also, if the services are suspended, NdotCAD shall provide you reasonable and sufficient opportunities to back up your own contents.

NdotCAD will guide you through the main points and pay attention to your valuable opinion.
NdotCAD will make every effort to provide important information necessary for using the Services promptly. When notifying its Member, NdotCAD will provide individual notice through e-mail, notification within the Services or other appropriate electronic means. However, if it is necessary to notify all members, relevant content will be posted on the startup page of NdotCAD domain websites such as www.ndotcad.com and applications (apps) or through Noticess, for more than 7 days.

NdotCAD will pay attention to your valuable opinion. You can always provide opinions or communicate matters requiring improvement related to the use of Services through the Customer Center, and NdotCAD will provide an update on how it handles such matters and the results to the reasonable extent.

NdotCAD posts these Terms of Service and operation policies so that you can easily notice them and makes modifications after providing prior notification.
NdotCAD displays these Terms of Service on its startup page so that you can it easily.

NdotCAD may revise these Terms of Service, account and post operation policies from time to time, but it will be revised within the scope that does not violate the applicable laws and regulations, and the reason for the revision and the date of application will be notified within the service in advance. Moreover, in the event of significant changes to the Terms of Service that may may put you at a disadvantage, we will notify you within the service at least 30 days in advance and provide an individual notice to you through separate electronic means (e-mail, notification within the Services, etc.).

NdotCAD awaits your comments on modifications to the Terms of Service from the date of posting the modified Terms until the effective date. If your comments are not received by NdotCAD after the above period, you will be deemed to have consented to using the Services pursuant to the modified terms. Although NdotCAD is not happy about this, if you do not consent to the changed terms, we may not be able to provide applicable Services that are subject to the modified terms to you anymore.

While these Terms of Service apply to NdotCAD Services by default, sometimes additional terms and conditions or operation policies other than these Terms of Service may additionally apply in order to reflect unique characteristics of individual Services. Therefore, in the event of any conflict between the additional terms and conditions or account policies or posting operation policies and these Terms of Service regarding the provision of such individual Services, the additional terms and conditions and operation policies shall prevail. Please check the details provided on the startup page of each individual Service.

These terms of Service are based on Korean. The relationship between you and NdotCAD in relation to these Terms of Service or NdotCAD Services shall be governed by the laws of Republic of Korea, and any dispute arising between you and NdotCAD in connection with the these Terms of Service or NdotCAD Services, the dispute will be handled in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Korean 'Civil Procedure Act'.

Announcement Date: November 26, 2020
Effective Date: November 26, 2020

If you have any questions regarding the NdotCAD service, please contact us at contact@ndotcad.com.